The trend of using enterprise application software was seen as an “armor” when digital-only bank is slowly invading the field of personal, organization and enterprise transaction, making the need for visitations at various local banks drop significantly.

In 2020, FinTech Vietnam market will predictably rise towards 7,8 billion dollars. Digital payment solutions are currently taking 89% of FinTech market in Vietnam. Personal and enterprise finance are also predicted to increase 31,2% and 35,9% respectively in 2025 – according to Solidiance Consultant Company’s research.

However, in order for these predictions to happen, the core technology of Finance and Banking practices are required to have significant developments in the next years.

Nowadays, banks are using Value Cycles of Customers Model to make modifications on management. Everything are focused and run like a unified ecosystem. Currently, many banks are putting all of their distribution channels under only one management.

Source: https://techtalk.vn/ap-luc-doi-moi-cua-nganh-ngan-hang-truoc-lan-song-digital-transformation.html

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