The values that Digital Transformation has brought to society can be listed as workforce’ upgraded skills, automation,… In addition, economic values from 2016 to 2025 are approximately between about 310 billions and 550 billions dollars. From a non-economical viewpoint, the benefit of digitalization included its capability to reduce CO2 wastes from 60 to 100 millions tonnes, saving 20 to 30 lives and avoiding 2.000 to 3.000 casualties in the next decade.

Before, we had Kodak. Now, we have Instagram. Similarly, Border Books came before Amazon, like how hotels had existed until Airbnb appeared.

The truth is for 10 names that appear on Fortune 500 list, 4 would disappear from the list in the next 10 years. Their places were taken by companies that knew how to take advantage of technology to grow.

So what are the directions that an enterprise should take if they want to Digitalize their business? Or in another way, what are the trends of today’s Digital Transformation?

  • IA (Intelligent Automation): IA is ready for the burst of development. In the past years, IA was limited in supporting complex processes such as solving finance-related issues in banks and providing service on enormous communication networks.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): until 2021, 75% enterprise applications will have AI incorporated and more than 50% consumers will interact with said AI. In 2020, digital assistants and personal bots will affect 10% of total sale.
  • Digital Transformation & Business Intelligence sounds as if they did not have any connections, but this was, in fact, a combination of a modern system, that helps solving complex algorithms, and a process of building digital culture. All aim towards a leading enterprise!
  • Big data Analyst: understanding your customers through “talking numbers”. The core issue isn’t how you collect data but what you are using them for, instead.

In reality, there are many stories about the success of the managers when they apply digital transformation. For example, through data and analysed prediction, a business can solve production and pre-maintenance problems, or hospitals can provide healthcare service through advanced diagnostic technologies.

In conclusion: “Technological inventions bring two options to an enterprise: to break through and lead, or fall behind.”

Source: https://techtalk.vn/digital-transformation-survive-and-thrive-cach-mang-so-va-nhung-buoc-ngoat-lich-su.html

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