“Digitalization has created opportunities for everybody to accumulate information in a way they were never able to, and analyze with a speed that just wasn’t there.” – Ken Moelis

Business digitalization is riding on a success wave of today and tomorrow. Along with these trends, what rises along? Dozens of valuable information are hidden under an enormous amount of data that was created through digitalization. What’s deemed necessary is a technology that can extract the exact valuable information in these countless data and provide suitable information at the right time and in the right format.

Technological inventions bring two options to an enterprise: to break through and lead, or fall behind. What are the next best things aside from services and solutions that Business Intelligence can provide?

Digital Transformation & Business Intelligence sounds as if they did not have any connections, but this was, in fact, a combination of a modern system, that helps solving complex algorithms, and a process of building digital culture. All aim towards a leading enterprise!

What is BI (Business Intelligence)? The potential benefits of BI include improving decision-making, optimizing business processes, maximizing productivity and not only increasing sales but also giving the enterprise a sharper edge to compete with other competitors. BI systems can also help businesses discovering market trends and figuring out business problems that an enterprise needs to solve.

BI takes the role of a catalyst for the chain chemical reaction that was created by Digital Transformation to occur much smoother. The most important aspect that we all care about is the opportunity for digital transformation and business intelligence to connect effectively in order to give a modern enterprise advantages in market competition.

In conclusion, the combination of Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence will surely bring a breakthrough advantage to an enterprise should they know how to use it correctly.

Source: https://techtalk.vn/su-gan-ket-nao-giua-business-intelligence-va-digital-transformation.html

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