Commercial and Investment Bank in Digital Age

The trend of using enterprise application software was seen as an “armor” when digital-only bank is slowly invading the field of personal, organization and enterprise transaction, making the need for visitations at various local banks drop significantly.

What connects Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation?

Business digitalization is riding on a success wave of today and tomorrow. Along with these trends, what rises along? Dozens of valuable information are hidden under an enormous amount of data that was created through digitalization. What’s deemed necessary is a technology that can extract the exact valuable information in these countless data and provide

Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive

The values that Digital Transformation has brought to society can be listed as workforce’ upgraded skills, automation,… In addition, economic values from 2016 to 2025 are approximately between about 310 billions and 550 billions dollars. From a non-economical viewpoint, the benefit of digitalization included its capability to reduce CO2 wastes from 60 to 100 millions

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