Manage data seamlessly

Collect and manage data in a single, unified landscape to lower data sprawl, solve complex issues, and simplify application delivery.

Govern data enterprise-wide

Discover, refine, enrich, and govern any type or volume of data across hybrid and distributed landscapes, while ensuring quality and availability.

Support analytics

Establish a single source of truth to make better business decisions based on trusted data for real-time insights.

Build a foundation for your intelligent business activities

With LAMs’ software, you can leverage the business technology platform to turn your data into business value. Comprising of data management and cloud platform technologies, LAMs’ software aims to dynamically orchestrate your growing volume of data and business processes – forming the foundation for all your intelligent business activities.

Our database and data management plans can help you clearing the road to the intelligent enterprise and discover how you can lead your organization’s digital transformation with an integrated technology architecture. Now you can begin your journey to effective data management as you assess business value, explore technology solutions, and overcome the challenges of implementation.

Bring order to data chaos

LAMs’ Data management helps your company to overcome the challenges of being “data-driven”, which includes automatically sourcing and combining all data types in real time.

Transforming data management for the future

Consolidate, sanitize, and reconcile business data - learn how you can overcome data fragmentation and activate the power of your data by integrating disparate sources in the cloud, on premise, and across devices.

Achieve agility across your intelligent enterprise

Capture the most significant share of the digital opportunity with a generation of new technology enabled business models, such as data monetization and platform-based revenue generation.


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